To Read Is To Fly — ADDENDUM

The Addendum is a living-list of books discovered after our "To Read Is To Fly" bibliography went to press. 

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The Addendum
In this "May 20, 2019 Addendum" you will find an additional 74 novels and stories imbued with scientific exploration and discovery for children, youth and adults of all ages for family reading or supplemental classroom reading. The books are selected for leisure and pleasure reading.

[Some entries show the Lexile level of a book. This measures its reading level (length, complexity, vocabulary), not its subject content. The range extends from about 200L for a beginning reader and peaks at about 1,700L or greater for advanced readers.]

    Addendum Index
     • Adult books on Reading, Books, and Storytelling
     • Early Reader Stories [1] 
     • Intermediate Reader Stories [2] 
     • Proficient Reader Stories [3] 
     • Young Adult and Adult Stories [4]
     • Poetry
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